Conservative trading backed by self-updating models

Our Quantum AI is designed to target simple equity trades into well-known stocks across major global markets without the use of risk-multiplying leverage, options, CFDs, Crypto or FX instruments.

Available to Australian institutional investors, entities and qualified HNWIs

Every aspect of our Quantum AI is designed to target conservative growth that reduces risk significantly by avoiding trades into anything except high projection scenarios

Our Quantum AI unitizes our underlying trading strategies and automatically reallocates liquidity across markets as returns fluctuate to lock in the best opportunities.


Unit allocation is used to enter and exit trades across more than 26 global equity markets, balancing expected performance against liquidity, risk appetite and return.


Access your individual live dashboard showing opened and closed trades, upcoming positions and a breakdown of P/L by market alongside a live account balance.


We automatically manage areas of risk that human traders can't

Our Quantum AI understands that the best way to increase the size of a portfolio is to remove the key areas of risk that regularly result in human traders losing their capital.

No leverage, options, CFDs, crypto, FX or other high-risk strategies
Although a favourite of traders across the world, the use of leverage increases risk on both sides of the equation. Our Quantum AI instead opts to identify trends before they hit the market and lock-in profit projections before human traders can catch the trend.
  • Results are achieved without multiplying risk with leverage
  • Trades are simple 1:1 into large volume equity markets
  • No chance of liquidation or margin call
We automatically exit trades with a 1.5% maximum drawdown
Our Quantum AI doesn't suffer from the typical human emotions of chasing losses and knows when to exit a position with a constantly shifting stop-loss that ensures maximum draw-down is always 1.5% or below, removing the risk of any one losing trade significantly reducing capital.
  • Maximum trade drawdown is a 1.5% trailing stop-loss
  • Exit prices are constantly adjusted against performance
  • No emotion or chasing losses
We constantly adjust in-trade projections as conditions change
Most traders are happy with finding an opportunity, setting an entry point and an exit point and letting it run. Our Quantum AI, on the other hand, constantly adjusts projections against thousands of updated data points and moves stop-loss and take-profit points to compensate; even in trade.
  • Instant reaction to new market updates and data
  • Updated exit points to lock in profit when trend changes
  • Adjust in-market trades to compensate for changes
We place dynamic trade allocations across multiple markets
The phrase "never keep your eggs in one basket" applies equally to our Quantum AI, which ensures that trades are split across major global equity markets. Each trade size is dynamically calculated from your portfolio and our projection of each trade's performance and profit potential.
  • Avoid one global market taking down your entire portfolio
  • Benefit from automatic dynamic trade sizes
  • Spread risk across a basket of global equities
We find opportunities with a projected upside; not to increase our volume
We don't make money when you lose, and we don't charge spreads, markups or commissions, which is why our Quantum AI is incentivized to trade only when we have identified exceptional opportunities that meet our strict profit and risk model - and avoid those that don't.
  • Enter trades only where projected value outweighs risk
  • Avoid placing trades where we expect a down market
  • No trades placed to generate commissions or markups

Conservative from start to finish

Our Quantum AI is designed specifically to minimize draw-downs, effectively handle changes in market conditions, and exit positions where projections diverge from the reality. Rather than chasing losses, we know that protecting capital and maximizing compounding is a more effective strategy for consistent long-term results.

Alongside our conservative trailing stop-losses we also hard cap total trade allocation at 90% of balance, with any one trade set to a maximum of 13% in order to maximize compounding. At the same time, the majority of our positions are between 1-6% of current account balance whilst maintaining an average of 26 trades per month per equity market.

Trade amounts scale dynamically with both volume, stop loss and take profit points reflected against the total portfolio balance.

Our conservative strategy excels at multi-day trades, allowing us to enter into liquid markets and achieve the full benefit of a position that performs as projected. Our intra-day product is not publicly available nor a recommended part of our conservative strategy, meaning that we are not at the behest of short-term market movements.

Although we generate hundreds of opportunities each day, we release only the ones with projections that meet strict risk and reward metrics. With this strategy we reduce total trade volume, but have managed to achieve a 70% win rate, a 10% break-even rate and a 20% loss rate over the long term.


We analyze data at the speed of AI to identify opportunities that outperform a human trader every time

Pulling in data from more than 26+ global markets covering just over 2200 equities in order to find our targets

Driven by thousands of proprietary data points, our Quantum AI constantly crunches the latest market data to identify trading opportunities.

Two example trades using a simplified summary of the AI data that we utilize for trading data.

Each individual equity is driven by its own set of ML models, allowing us to produce high-accuracy forecasts and set entry and exit points.

Trading interface showing entries and exits along with timestamped automated equity trades

With constantly updated data our Quantum AI projects the best time to enter or exit a trade in order to maximize gain and minimize loss.

At GIM Algo we provide HNWIs, professional investors and institutional traders with access to cutting-edge AI technology and automated trading strategies.