Unlock the power of Quantum AI
Equities trading

Access a unitized trading strategy driven by the latest in AI tech, derived from hundreds of self-updating ML models to automatically trade across high liquidity global equity markets.

Available to Australian institutional investors, entities and qualified HNWIs

Results dashboard showing portfolio performance summary and daily trade positions including hold, buy and sell.

Our Quantum AI unitizes our underlying trading strategies and automatically reallocates liquidity across markets as returns fluctuate to lock in the best opportunities.


Unit allocation is used to enter and exit trades across more than 26 global equity markets, balancing expected performance against liquidity, risk appetite and return.


Access your individual live dashboard showing opened and closed trades, upcoming positions and a breakdown of P/L by market alongside a live account balance.


We analyze data at the speed of AI to identify opportunities that outperform a human trader every time

Pulling in data from more than 26+ global markets covering just over 2200 equities in order to find our targets

Driven by thousands of proprietary data points, our Quantum AI constantly crunches the latest market data to identify trading opportunities.

Two example trades using a simplified summary of the AI data that we utilize for trading data.

Each individual equity is driven by its own set of ML models, allowing us to produce high-accuracy forecasts and set entry and exit points.

Trading interface showing entries and exits along with timestamped automated equity trades

With constantly updated data our Quantum AI projects the best time to enter or exit a trade in order to maximize gain and minimize loss.


Automatically leverage hundreds of proprietary indicators in seconds

Forget about your standard bollinger bands and resistance points; our Quantum AI utilizes up-to-the-minute market data alongside hundreds of in-house proprietary indicators and a series of ML models trained on each and every equity we trade to identify areas of opportunity faster than even the most seasoned of traders.

Unlike rigid rules-based bots and formulas, our Quantum AI builds a series of ML models for each and every equity, resulting in tens of thousands of AI-driven data points.

Our models are constantly updated with the latest market data, sentiment analysis and news, allowing for forecasts to change; even after trades have been placed.

Every major trading market is connected to our trading feed and a live dashboard, allowing for positions to be placed automatically every trading day, no matter where you are.

With one of the world's largest liquidity providers and a unitized model, we pass on only direct fees, with no markup or spread that cut into your performance.

We win when you win with a simple flat performance fee charged on a monthly basis; ensuring that all interests are aligned. If no profit is made, no fee is due.

We keep client funds segregated and are fully licensed in Australia to provide our trading product to HNWIs and institutional investors as a CAR of an AFSL holder.


Simple pricing with an up-front license and ongoing profit share

Our plans cover our up-front setup and exchange connection fees. We charge no spreads, markups or commissions, instead passing on direct brokerage costs and relying on an ongoing performance fee that ensures we only make money when you do.

Standard Investor

For approved high net wealth individuals

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Premier Investors
ATO Compliant

For companies or SMSF entities

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Institutional & Funds

For large portfolios and hedge funds

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from a trading bot?
Our Quantum AI is as different to a trading bot as the horse-drawn carriage is to a Tesla.

Traditional trading bots are dumb tools which execute a series of rigid rules to identify trends in indicators that everyone in the market already looks for. Whilst they can certainly be a useful addition to any trader's arsenal, they still require constant input from a human, fail to deal with rapid changes in market conditions, and are unable to parse and understand new data without it being manually programmed by a human.

In comparison, our Quantum AI could be best described as a team of emotionless all-knowing traders who scour the web 24/7 for the latest news and market data; instantly utilizing and pivoting trades against dramatic changes in market conditions whilst constantly improving their prediction abilities with each and every update.

Unlike a traditional trading bot, our Quantum AI uses hundreds of ML models designed for each independent equity to meticulously pick apart the market and identify, in real-time, opportunities that would take even seasoned traders days to understand.
What is a performance fee?
A performance fee is also known as a "profit share" and is simply a percentage of profit that we charge on a monthly basis when a client account produces profit from our trades.

Most brokerages make money no matter what you trade by using a combination of spreads, markups and hard-to-understand commissions that take a chunk of your trade on the back-end. Because they make a profit no matter what you do, their primary interest is increasing your total trade volume - not producing a profit for you.

Rather than making revenue from winning and losing trades, GIM Algo charges a fixed profit share, meaning that we only make money when you make money - fully aligning the outcome of both business and client alike.

Because of this, we are one of only a few brokerages in the world that truly have zero spreads, markups or commissions, and pass on only the direct exchange and brokerage fees that are charged to us by our liquidity provider.

This, combined with a flat rate profit share, ensures you always know where your portfolio stands, whilst the revenue for the business allows us to invest further into infrastructure, trading teams and tech development - allowing us to constantly improve our offering.
Is there a lock-in period?
Subject to any individual negotiated package, no, there is no lock-in period.

Where an account holder wishes to withdraw part of their account, we will need to first liquidate any active positions. In order to ensure the least amount of slippage we may opt to do this through active trade rather than a market sell.

Apart from that, there may be a small processing window as we request segregated client funds to be returned to the client's depositing account.

Whilst most banks in Australia provide near-instant transactions, depending on total portfolio size and method of withdrawal there may be some additional delay from the remitting bank on top of the normal processing time.

With the exceptions of the above time delays which are a feature of the modern banking system, GIM Algo does not force clients to maintain a deposit for any particular minimum time period.
Is there a guarantee of results?
Whilst we are completely confident in our past and current performance, no financial product comes with a guarantee of results, including ours.

We attempt to mitigate portfolio risk in multiple ways including a standard 1.5% stop-loss, dynamic trade sizes that draw from our confidence projections, and conservative take-profit points. We directly trade into blue-chip and top 500 companies for each market, hold the underlying equity throughout trade, and without using any leverage or other risk-multiplying features. Additionally, there are hundreds of trade opportunities that we identify that we do not publish as they fail to meet our strict profit or risk targets.

We are also able to utilize the benefits of our constantly updated ML models to extend or reduce the period a trade is held for based on changing market conditions or new information entering the market which allows us to enjoy the benefits of trades that are outperforming projections, whilst quickly closing trades that do not.

Our product is primarily designed for HNWIs, corporate entities and active traders who understand the intricacies of the market, and we offer a free demo account to watch our live trades perform against a simulated balance, prior to depositing of any real funds You are also free to copy our demo trades within your own external trading account to see that the positions are tangible.

As always, past performance is not an indicator of future performance, however we invite all eligible clients to enjoy a free demo of the trades in action before making any decision.
Is there a maximum trade balance?
Yes, we purposely limit the maximum amount of capital any one client is allowed to trade to ensure that we are able to effectively place positions without significant price slippage.

Whilst this is a constantly changing target based on market performance, we have set initial hard caps for all account types.

Due to the nature of large trades entering the market, we are likely to reject additional capital entries where we believe this is detrimental to our results.

As GIM Algo is primarily an institutional product, we may at any time reduce, restrict or otherwise remove the ability for further clients to onboard with us in order to protect our own revenue streams and those of our partners.

If you would like to speak to a member of the team about our Quantum AI product, please call us on 1300 243 182 or email us: [email protected]

At GIM Algo we provide HNWIs, professional investors and institutional traders with access to cutting-edge AI technology and automated trading strategies.